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Thursday, March 5, 2015

My RT 1200 RT Experience.

I owned an RT 1200, 2008 that would randomly shut off driving down the road, at speed. In my mind it is extremely unsettling to have a bike just shut off on the highway or pulling into an active intersection.

The dealer told me, "Never heard of that issue", "Must be bad gas", "Try this fuel additive", "Doesn't happen to me on a test ride." 

It got down to my riding skills. The way "I handled the clutch, roll-off the throttle." Basically, being told I'm not riding the bike right. Seriously insulting. I started riding mini-bikes at 12. I'm 50 now, was 45 then. I've also been required to take motorcycle safety foundation classes because it was a requirement in the Army. Yep I'm just a stupid idiot with zero skills. If I'm stupid, it was buying a BMW. 

Check BMW forums. It happens to several bikes and people are just as furious. I mention it. Nothing. I hear crickets and a whistling breeze.

The final straw was "Make sure you only have the BMW key on the keyring, the ECU is really sensitive. It creates a disturbance in the electrical field." Okay Obi Wan GoBlowme. Fricking seriously? Got rid of it a week later. A year of BS and insults.

Had an 2004 UltraClassic before the RT. Had a few minor issues but was never just blatantly BS'd about anything. I could take it to more than several shops too. Had a 1976 250 cc AMF Harley that didn't stall at speed. An AMF!

Great when it worked. One dealer in the state. Not like you have a choice where to get it fixed. Would it really have mattered if there was 20 dealers in the state?


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Is this 'site' still active?

Hello I found this gem when searching for BMW (Bloody Mechanical Weakness) Frailties.

I've owned BMWs for a few years with minimal trouble but now I don't even speak to the bampots.

I want to throw a wheel barrow full of cow shite at them.

I did try the proper channels and was met with their usual wetness.

Catch phrase: Shite throwing and name calling works where violence and legal action is thwarted.

Best regards,


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

FW: Excessive Oil Consumption on a K1300s



From: Simon Thomas
Sent: Tuesday, 20 March 2012 6:03 PM
To: 'info@bmw.com.au'
Cc: 'Paul.Whitlock@coastlinemotorrad.com.au'; Simon Thomas
Subject: Excessive Oil Consumption on a K1300s


Dear Michelle,


Thankyou for your time on the phone today,


I have a k1300s that is using oil, Coastline BMW did a oil and filter change at 25,161 km as part of a oil consumption test, The bike had completed only 2750 km at varying highway speeds over 4 days before the low oil warning light came on, I added 600 mm of oil to bring the oil level back to max fill mark.


I have photos of Speedo readings and oil levels to back up the level of consumption, The bike also has a vibration at around 7000 rpm and a burnt oil smell, I have previously reported this to Paul Whitlock @ Coastline BMW on 2 other occasions over the last 12 months whilst on long distance rides, The bike also runs a very black exhaust on the outside.


The type of riding we do is generally long distance such as Gympie to Sydney, Gympie to Melbourne, it’s not used as a commuter in a stop and go situation.


I do enjoy my K1300s and it’s not my first BMW product, I had a k1200s previously and had no problems, in fact I was thinking of trading up to the K1300s HP after seeing one at the Sydney bike show.


Michelle, I’m sorry, but I am disappointed with the oil consumption of the 1300s,  when you can’t complete a 4 day ride without a low oil warning light coming on this is not what I would expect, The k1300s service manual says that the service interval is 10,000 km, To complete only 27% of this interval and need oil is very disappointing.


Can you please advise me of a solution to this problem at your earliest convenience?




Simon Thomas



Dear Mr Thomas,


Thank you for your email regarding your BMW K1300S, a copy of which has been forwarded to us in Customer Relations for review and response. Naturally, we are disappointed to read that there is an area of your motorcycle that is causing you some concern, for this we would like to apologise.


However, having spoken to both our Motorrad and Technical Departments in relation to oil consumption, we can confirm that oil usage of up to 1 litre per 1,000 kilometres travelled is within the manufacturer specifications for your particular model.


Please also understand that all engines will use some oil of various quantity as a result of many variables including, model, kilometres travelled on the engine, riding style and manufacturing tolerances.


Should you have any further outstanding concerns with your K1300S, please contact your preferred BMW Dealer for further diagnosis.


Mr Thomas, we trust that this information provides you with the reassurance that your BMW motorcycle is operating within the manufacturing guidelines.


Yours Sincerely






BMW Group Australia


Steven Loupos

CIC - Customer Support

783 Springvale Road

Mulgrave  VIC  3170



Tel:   1800 422 000

Mail:  steve.loupos@bmwgroup.com.au 

Web: http://www.bmw.com.au  



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AMP Financial Planning Pty Limited and also employs Accredited Mortgage Consultants.



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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

BMW Motorcycle brake recall

This news is a little old, but since I posted the car one I didn't want to leave out our bike owners...

R-Series boxer-twins and K1200GT motorcycles, manufactured between August 2006 and May 2009, to be recalled
Read more: visordown

BMW to recall 350,000 cars amid brake fears

The company said a leak could develop in the power braking system, leading to a vacuum loss and the reduction of power braking assistance.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Ox powered BMW protest - China

Miss Ma spent 700,000rmb on buying the BMW 525i in April 2008, she quickly found that the Beemers gearbox would jump out of gear by itself, obviously indicating a possible product defect, then the cars electrical system would die for no reason. Miss Ma claims that one time when the engine cut out when she was in traffic, she nearly crashed into another car. Miss Ma says she has tried to reach an agreement with the dealership, and BMW but both refuse to change her car for a new one, so she feels she was left with no other resort but to take her 5-series to the streets of Guangzhou, outside the dealer she bought the defective car.

At lunch time, two traffic policeman appeared and asked Miss Ma to remove the lettering from the BMW.
Miss Ma later explained her choice of Ox to tow her stricken BMW “I wanted to use a horse, but horses move too quick.” A horse would be symbolic of the Chinese name for BMW, which is lit. ‘Treasure Horse’
Once the Ox and its 5-series train reached the BMW dealership where Miss Ma bought her motor, the workers in the dealership came out to look, people stopped to take a look at the commotion, which eventually forced the BMW dealerships manager to come out and say ‘We need to talk!’, and a few moments later Miss Ma reportedley had reached an agreement with the dealership to fix her 5-series.

However, this approach to getting peoples attention has been done before, by a Mr. Zhao who was also unhappy with his X5

I bought this X5 BMW in 2004. The car cost me almost one million yuan. Because I trusted the BMW brand, I bought the car thinking it would bring convenience to my commute. Instead, it has caused numerous problems over the last three years. The problems have included ignition failure, brake failure, loss of power and loss of directional control of vehicle while driving. These problems have often posted a serious threat to my safety.
These problems have existed since the day I bought the car. I have spent a lot of time and money repairing the car; the car has been repaired in Wenzhou, Nanjing, and Hefei. But each time, the same problem would reappear within a week. I complained to BMW, asking them to justify these repeated problems, and demanded they issue an explanation to affected customers. But my efforts have had no result.
Therefore, in light of BMW’s extreme irresponsibility, I make a formal statement here: I demand a new car or a full refund.
If BMW continues to ignore my requests and refuses to explain themselves, I will call for the public and the media to expose BWM’s behavior and protect my rights as a consumer. I will take following steps since no alternatives exist:
Step one: Buffalo pulling BMW
This stage will last one week. I will use the slogan “BMW is irresponsible to customers, protest against BMW’s poor quality products”. The media (all major newspapers, websites, Phoenix TV , Dagongpao) will be invited to report on the event. I have strong faith in the fairness, justice and trustworthiness of the media. If BMW still doesn’t respond, this activity will be continued for another week with more intense coverage from the media.
Step two: Smashing the car
If the BMW company still doesn’t respond, I will smash the car. The media will report the car smashing in real time to the whole country, the whole of Asia, and the whole world. At this point, I will no longer accept compensation from BMW; I will consider my loss of property the price I paid to keep other potential customers from being fooled as I was fooled.

I call for the consumers of the whole world to protest together: Refuse to buy BMW! Refuse to let BMW enter our countries! BWM is untrustworthy! BMW service is bad!