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Thursday, March 5, 2015

My RT 1200 RT Experience.

I owned an RT 1200, 2008 that would randomly shut off driving down the road, at speed. In my mind it is extremely unsettling to have a bike just shut off on the highway or pulling into an active intersection.

The dealer told me, "Never heard of that issue", "Must be bad gas", "Try this fuel additive", "Doesn't happen to me on a test ride." 

It got down to my riding skills. The way "I handled the clutch, roll-off the throttle." Basically, being told I'm not riding the bike right. Seriously insulting. I started riding mini-bikes at 12. I'm 50 now, was 45 then. I've also been required to take motorcycle safety foundation classes because it was a requirement in the Army. Yep I'm just a stupid idiot with zero skills. If I'm stupid, it was buying a BMW. 

Check BMW forums. It happens to several bikes and people are just as furious. I mention it. Nothing. I hear crickets and a whistling breeze.

The final straw was "Make sure you only have the BMW key on the keyring, the ECU is really sensitive. It creates a disturbance in the electrical field." Okay Obi Wan GoBlowme. Fricking seriously? Got rid of it a week later. A year of BS and insults.

Had an 2004 UltraClassic before the RT. Had a few minor issues but was never just blatantly BS'd about anything. I could take it to more than several shops too. Had a 1976 250 cc AMF Harley that didn't stall at speed. An AMF!

Great when it worked. One dealer in the state. Not like you have a choice where to get it fixed. Would it really have mattered if there was 20 dealers in the state?


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Is this 'site' still active?

Hello I found this gem when searching for BMW (Bloody Mechanical Weakness) Frailties.

I've owned BMWs for a few years with minimal trouble but now I don't even speak to the bampots.

I want to throw a wheel barrow full of cow shite at them.

I did try the proper channels and was met with their usual wetness.

Catch phrase: Shite throwing and name calling works where violence and legal action is thwarted.

Best regards,