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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Is this 'site' still active?

Hello I found this gem when searching for BMW (Bloody Mechanical Weakness) Frailties.

I've owned BMWs for a few years with minimal trouble but now I don't even speak to the bampots.

I want to throw a wheel barrow full of cow shite at them.

I did try the proper channels and was met with their usual wetness.

Catch phrase: Shite throwing and name calling works where violence and legal action is thwarted.

Best regards,



  1. Well it still works, but it's not really active as you can probably see from the number of recent posts. Are you interested in managing it?
    I bought a Yamaha almost 5 years ago and I haven't had a single issue, I ride it every day. The handle bars are straight, it rides straight and there's no weird ticking noises.

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