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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Received a call from Steve Fraser Motorcycles (important)

Steve tells me he's been speaking with Scott about my bike and wants me to bring mine in and test their demo bike.

So I turn up on a weekday so he isn't too busy.
He gets on my bike and I get on the demo, a standard K1300R not an SE like mine.

We go for a short ride... and I immediately notice that the bike is perfectly straight just like all the others. The clutch lever was loose though... I mean really loose.

While riding behind my bike I could tell it was leaning slightly to the right from the mirrors.

We get back and Steve asks me to get the wheel offset measured, I tell him you guys already did it and said there was no offset.

He says well that was then, this is now... so he gives me the directions to a repair shop 15km down the road.

I take the bike there and they measure the offset with a 50-60cm aluminium ruler with a laser pointer marking where the pointer touches the floor.

Then they wheel the bike forward make sure it's vertical and measure it again.

Guess what? There's a 7mm right offset. So the rear wheel is 7mm more to the right. You may remember BMW's qualified technicians said there was no offset.

Steve says he'll be in contact soon.

I would just like to note that Fraser Motorcycles have been fantastic throughout my ordeal, they didn't even sell me the bike, they've let me try a couple others and have tried to arrange something where they don't lose money.

Thank you Fraser.

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