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Friday, August 14, 2009

K 1300 R BadMotorWorks Wonky Bike Of The Year 2009 (Humor)

Over the past year BadMotorWorks has tried many bikes, some like the Harley Davidson V-Rod Shadow were expected to be wonky but the only finalist for BadMotorWorks Wonky Bike Of The Year 2009 is the BMW K 1300 R.

The BMW K 1300 R wowed BadMotorWorks with it's crooked handlebars and the 2 degree right lean.

We contacted BMW Motorrad Germany for an official explanation of the weight distribution/steering alignment issue, and received this reply:

Lieb Herr rayone.
Danke for your recent inquiry regarding weight distribution/alignment issue mit Ihrem neuen super BMW K1300R.

I had my number 1 Ingenieure examine your measurements. After many days examining he assures me das since der K1300R is so precisely engineered der real cause of it pulling to der recht is due to der riders anatomical imbalance.
It is der Kopf-Ingenieure view das your recht testical is larger than your left testical.

In Bezug auf der steering alignment, he also assures me das it must be das your recht arm is shorter than you left arm causing your Oberkörper to be closer to der recht handlebar giving der optische Täuschung das handlerbar is not straight.

Um Ihre Probleme zu lösen Kopf-Ingenieur empfiehlt Ihnen, besuchen Sie das nächste plastischen Chirurgen

Ich danke Ihnen für die Gelegenheit fur explaining the issue.

Wir hoffen, Sie auch weiterhin Ihre Präzision genießen entwickelt Motorrad.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen techincal Manager BMW Motorrad München


  1. Well, after 2 new BMWs(RT & GS1200)and all the problems attendant to such "German engineering",the thought came to me, "thank God for the B-17".

  2. That's pushing it a little! The Germans are among the best engineers earth has known. The problem is BMW's decided to cut back on quality and then told it's service reps to ignore/push back complaints.

    As for your B-17... just remember if it wasn't for the Germans the Americans wouldn't have a space program.

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